Investment Criteria

RM³ Capital seeks to be the lead equity investor with control positions in companies that meet the following criteria:

Transaction Types

  • Management buyouts.
  • Family-driven ownership and estate succession planning.
  • Restructuring.
  • Recapitalizations.
  • Reorganizations.
  • Partner buyouts.

Favorable Characteristics of Targeted Companies

  • EBITDA of at least $150,000 (current or short-term potential);
  • Demonstrated recurring revenue between $1 and $10 million;
  • Current positive free cash flow or attainable within short-term.

Geographic Criteria

RMC’s primary acquisition focus is in the Midsouth, although RMC will consider investing in companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Equity Investment Size

$200,000 - $2 million.

Preferred Industries

  • Business, commercial,and financial services;
  • Distribution and logistics;
  • Healthcare related services;
  • Technology-enabled manufacturing.

Long-Term Investor

RM³ Capital typical goal is to own companies for the long-term with cash distributions of profits being made to all equity partners once the business is properly capitalized and current growth needs are satisfied. RM³ is willing to consider exit strategies such as a management buyout or strategic sale, a quick profit is not the principal goal of RM³.

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