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RM³ (RMC) Capital is a Turnaround Private Equity investment firm located in Nashville, TN. Our primary focus is on acquiring or investing in small businesses that are distressed, undergoing a transition, or are experiencing some form of special situation. We provide not only financial investment but also strategic and operational support. We take a very hands on proactive approach and look to partner with experienced management teams to develop value creation strategies that typically include operational improvements, cash flow management, and strategic growth initiatives.

RM³ Capital seeks the following types of investments:

  • Management buyouts.
  • Family-driven ownership and estate succession planning.
  • Restructuring.
  • Recapitalizations.
  • Reorganizations.
  • Partner buyouts.

RM³ Capital typically requires the following elements before an opportunity is considered:

  • Sustainable and durable business with a recent history of profitability;
  • Mulitple avenues for growth;
  • The opportunity for RMC and current management to add value to the business over time; and
  • A realistic purchase price in relation to historical performance.

The objective in all cases is to implement a turnaround of the business and then support its growth. We take a proactive, hands-on approach in assisting our investee companies’ management to deliver the turnaround and growth strategy, initiating strategic and operational improvements where necessary.

Please contact us to discuss any business situation to which we might be able to provide assistance.

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